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March 10th, 2013, 11:36
Skyrim obviously presents the questlines better (MW is limited here for a number of reasons, technology and manpower included). MWs presentation is mostly text-only, similar to the stories of the secondary locations in Skyrim.

I think Skyrim would be superior IF the radiant quests were more interesting, as things stand the padding hurts the guild questlines.

And parts of the Civil war questlines are pretty dull. Attack fort X. Yay.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I was thinking about this last night after I said it - and then I remembered Oblivion (the area) - and that was almost nothing BUT building blocks. That's the exception I can remember.

But as for the Cyrodiil areas - I can't think of a single dungeon where I could recognise an obvious building block. I'm not claiming they're not there (they probably are) - but they were certainly less prevalent than in Morrowind. It makes sense - because I can clearly remember Todd going on about improving this area for every game and dedicating more resources to it.
Language disclaimer: We might refer to different things by "building blocks".

My sample size is limited since I stopped playing Oblivion after about 40h (far less than the other TES games).

One concrete example of what I mean would be the Ayleid (?) ruins I went to that used recombinations of the same segments. I remember "U-shaped" corridors that would look identical, with the same nooks and crannies, and monsters placed in the same spots. This also happened with some caves. This happened in MW as well, but I didnt get the same "in your face" sensation from it.

Main quest locations didnt suffer as much from this IIRC, but that goes for Daggerfall and Morrowind as well.

As for you "having a feeling" that Skyrim recycles dungeon segments and Morrowind dungeons are almost as interesting - well, I don't know what to say. We've been playing different versions of games with those names - that's for sure
Bleh, you just admitted that your "data" is just as anecdotal and subjective as anything we come up with. It should be easy to load up the MW construction set and compare a bunch of mines or whatever to see similarities.

The elevated "caged walkways" (my English is insufficient to describe them) are the most sources of this feeling. They might not be quite identical, but why do these industry-style catwalks show up in a Norse setting?
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