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March 10th, 2013, 22:36
Originally Posted by Falchor View Post
Video games are subjective. There are some people out there who, for instance, absolutely LOVE all things Ultima. However, the whole Lord British "I made a game about myself and my D&D buddies" thing has always been a turn-off to me that I can't seem to look past. With the exception of Black Gate, of which I played a fair amount, I don't particularly enjoy any of those games. And yet, for many, those are top-shelf for the genre.

But please don't discount my gushing over Planescape as some phony attempt to prove that I'm too cool for school… because I'm not. I'm very uncool and pretty proud of that actually.
Though the quote about the "coolness" of liking Planescape (or any other old school cRPG, for that matter) wasn't mine I think I could have something to add. It's not a question of being cool, but it may, sometimes, be a matter of acceptance among people who are, supposedly, experts in a field - in this case videogames. If you are among the hardcore gamers and want to be accepted as one you should love the classics and show your respect for them. Specially now that there is this nouvelle vague of "old schoolness" drowning the internet. I would never enter a room full of cinephiles and say out loud that I don't like Citizen Kane. Everybody would loose their respect for me in that precise moment. If I enter a forum about cRPG where almost everybody loves the classics (or, at least, claim to love the classics) then I will not be accepted as one them. I'm not saying that this is your case, but it might be case of many. The acceptance factor.
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