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March 10th, 2013, 23:09
Garriott just posted this in the comments, and it puts some things to rest.:

To get the current state of the persistent world, you would have to play online. If you are asking "If I play exclusively offline, can I still own a house?" then likely so, likely without "taxes". My honest expectation before starting this campaign, was that while the game could be played offline for periods of time, I did not expect people to desire to "never connect". based on player feedback, we are now exploring the "never connect" option. We should be able to provide it. We are researching these details now.

Regardless, we are not building a social micro transaction game. We will only be charging for large new downloads and things that also cost us to support. I believe we are building a game with the best features of solo player and MMO experience, WITHOUT costing YOU or US nearly as much as MMO's have in the past.
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