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March 11th, 2013, 01:13
wow, interesting development. This really is a huge deal, we are witnessing a pretty big event in the history of gaming unfold, this is the sort of thing that sets precedents. This is like the PS network getting hacked, or the D3 auction house, gaming gauntlets being thrown down.

Ok, I'm a little buzzed and rambling lol

From what ive been reading, a lot of the game takes place online, it runs like an MMO. So they'd be releasing a huge patch, essentially making it SP again. Youd think they already have provisions for doing this in the future anyway, they'd just be doing it early.

If I were them, i wouldnt fuck around with "maybe", I'd do it right now, every day that goes by this simmers longer and is really making people hate them.

I had no idea how far-reaching this is going, but I was playing D&D Friday night and 2 different people both remarked on it, people that I didnt even think really played games at all. Sim City is one of those games that crosses over from the hardcore game crowd to the The Sims type players and casuals. I know 2 people that are affected by this, and really pissed off. My wife wanted the game as well, but wont touch it due to this crap. I even thought it looked cool and considered it, but unless they do the right thing and patch for SP option i wont be touching it either. This is pretty important for gamers and the industry as a whole, how this turns out and how people react. How Maxis/ea reacts, and furthermore the industry as a whole.

Do the right thing: Patch or DIE!
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