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March 11th, 2013, 02:00
Originally Posted by Moorkh View Post
Hardly within the confines of a single game. Granted, the Forge of Virtue might pop up unexpectedly, but that wasn't exactly a town.
They mentioned the town thing but really I think what they were aiming at was adding event based things, like for instance an uprising here or a army camp etc. It takes a lot less effort to add stuff like that.

Richard went on a bit about user content and his eyes lit up, I wonder if that is something we can see in those hot spots? He had a folder of stuff he was working on as well.

To further clarify my other statement, I don't think when you hear microtransactions that they mean you pay 1.99 for 100 gold, more like for some extra art or somesuch which honestly you don't need. If someone wants it more power to them but it will have no power effect on the game. As for paying for housing they have mentioned you would be paying for persistant housing stored on their server, which kind of makes sense. If you don't want that, with stores and stuff then there would be a charge of some sort. This is all up in the air at the moment and they are listening to what people want.

EDIT: Moorkh one thing they mentioned for sure was the ability to flood a river for instance.
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