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March 11th, 2013, 02:29
Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
I could give you the juicier quotes, but, to be fair, they contradict themselves a lot. The earlier comments tend to be more alarming, while the latter tend to be murkier and more confusing. It almost sounds like they went into politics mode, but that's obviously a loaded interpretation. For example, they clearly state that the game will have microtransactions multiple times early on, then saying the game wouldn't have "social microtransactions" later. Is the social signifier significant here? Who knows.

Just read the whole set and get a sense yourself. There aren't that many really.
Hmm I didn't get that impression at all, I have however got the impression they are listening to ideas.

For instance this is one of their earlier comments:

While there will definitely be some micro-transaction options, none will be required. We're also not looking to follow the "Social" trend of making the game super painful unless you pay or sell power so that you can only compete if you spend tons. We're selling the game up front and you will be able to play through the single player experience without spending a dime.

And this is an later one:

Regardless, we are not building a social micro transaction game. We will only be charging for large new downloads and things that also cost us to support.

Both seem to say the same thing.
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