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March 11th, 2013, 03:09
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Hmm I didn't get that impression at all, I have however got the impression they are listening to ideas.

For instance this is one of their earlier comments:

While there will definitely be some micro-transaction options, none will be required. We're also not looking to follow the "Social" trend of making the game super painful unless you pay or sell power so that you can only compete if you spend tons. We're selling the game up front and you will be able to play through the single player experience without spending a dime.

And this is an later one:

Regardless, we are not building a social micro transaction game. We will only be charging for large new downloads and things that also cost us to support.

Both seem to say the same thing.
Just for the sake of context, the rest of the first quote: "We're strong believers in the golden rule that if you're going to do micro-transaction, you don't sell power but rather uniqueness (visuals, fun stuff!) and convenience. We will have some ongoing server costs and plan on keeping the content flowing even after launch so micro-transactions will be aimed at those goals. Richard is a huge believer in what he refers to as a "fair shake" when it comes to that kind of stuff and it is definitely an area where we will be looking for lots of player feedback on what feels fair during the alpha and beta."

With the context, they say very different things. The first says they're definitely doing microtransactions, with a focus on "visuals, fun stuff, and convenience." The latter implies that the big content packs will be the only transactions, at least from my reading. Those are very different approaches to monetization.

I'll admit, I was also under the impression that the property taxes would be paid in real cash. However, I suppose that's not necessarily true? I can't find anything about that one way or the other. When I referred to building up your "stuff" and "looking cool," I was basically referring to property and the microtransactions discussed first, respectively. I could be wrong on the former.

When it comes to DRM and connectivity, they're all over the place. Sometimes they talk of an "offline mode," but, at others, they call the singleplayer mode "solo" mode and talk about whether they should consider splitting it from multiplayer and how they need to protect multiplayer from the exploits of offline. Maybe I'm too cynical, and it's true that they say they are taking feedback. But they've yet to completely embrace the kinds of open-ended, off-line, hassle-free experience most basically expect from a Kickstarter. It seems more that they're leaning towards.. say.. DRM, emphasis on connectivity, micro-transactions, etc., but they're also signalling that they might be open to discussion on some of these points. I'd like a lot more clarity here about exactly what this game is and who it's for.
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