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March 11th, 2013, 03:15
Richard just posted this:

Greetings! Richard "Lord British" Garriott here.
I was having to post via the Portalarium account for a while, due to some Kickstarter hiccup, but now I can post as myself. First, let me thank you all for your interest and support so far! Let me again clarify, we are building a game that is story driven and about social issues and your behavior ala U4-7. Our interactivity goal is to be a deeply interactive as U7. While people can play essentially and likely literally solo / offline, online play will allow you to participate in the persistent world, where you will see the shops and homes of all other players, and you can adventure alone or with fiends and strangers with our "ad hock" multiplayer system. It is NOT a client server MMO, but rather continuous automatic matchmaking favoring your real world friends.

Also on the subject of drm there was this post:

I don't think I can give a 100% committed answer on DRM right now because there is still a chance we could go with Steam, put a version of the game on Ouya(after Win/OSX/Linux launch of course), or some other distribution system that has DRM in it. I know that isn't exactly the answer you want but those are still some big questions we're still working on! We can't just come out and state "THERE WILL BE NO DRM!" because it could close off too many other opportunities that would benefit the end user. So sorry, but we will continue to have to dance around the DRM question a bit but we're going to try to do what is best for you guys whenever possible. -Chris Also, I think we're going to do another live video stream tomorrow. I'll get Firelotus to take some questions in the morning for us to answer so it is a bit less chaotic this time. I'll be offline this afternoon but try to get back to more answers in the morning and I'm sure Firelotus and others will be chatting.

I can only go on what they say so far. As for property taxes for persistant world places I believe it will be real money as you are paying server costs basically. I think they are planning non persistant world housing you would have locally as well.
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