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March 11th, 2013, 04:05
Honestly, I'm not seeing anything that really contradicts what I said above. I'd be very surprised if they went with some sort of DRM-free release at this point, as it seems like they'd just rather not take a side.

However, more of note is this: "While people can play essentially and likely literally solo / offline, online play will allow you to participate in the persistent world…."

What's the difference between essentially and literally here? Also, there's another instance of "solo" being used as opposed to "offline". The only thing I'd really change from my original statement, especially with your comment about the houses, is that the likelihood of always-on DRM is probably less than I made it sound. It's still non-zero, though. The most likely outcome, IMO, is a multiplayer game with the option to go it alone, although perhaps while still connected.
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