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March 11th, 2013, 12:13
I want a "persistent world".

A world, in which defgeated enemies REMAIN defeated.

Background : I'm currently playing SWTOR. A really nice game, especially for me as a Star Wars fan - but it has ONE big disadvantage : It is NOT "persistent" in the sense as I mean it from above.

The structure of SWTOR is so that hordes of enemies are there, one kills them for quests or without, but - they respawn !

That really isn't the real problem - the problem is - for me - on another side :

The sense (and feeling) of accomplishment gets totally lost !

There just is no feeling of accomplishment, if defeated enemies respawn within 3 minutes later again - almost like zombies, but yes, they look like real persons, not like zombies at all …

This respawning is - for me, personally - totally killing every sense/feeling of an accomplishment within SWTOR.

So, now, I want to play a game again without any respawning at all. Where defeated enemies stay put. A game where I can have the feeling of "woah, now I have achieved something ! The world hs become a bit safer again !"

SWTOR is only my second MMORPG. Before tht, I only knew DDO - "Dungeons & Dragons Online".
Meanwhile DDO is heavily instance-based, so that respawning doesn't take place in the same sense as it does in SWTOR, there are a few similar moments : There is a quest giver (a servant) running around and crying for help, because her Mistress has been captured/kidnapped !
As soon, as this mission is accomplished and she has been freed, the servant's reaction becomes calm again. But only for a few minutes ! - Then she runs around again, crying out for help … Some dirty minds (myself included) have already had the thought that her mistress might perhaps ven LIKE to be kidnapped all of the time ! - Because otherwise her servants' reaction isn't plausible anymore - in-game.
But in fact her reaction is simply, because the world there is an MMO. There are hordes of other plyers running around, basically doing the same quests …

In the end, I want something :

- a HUGE world
- a persistent orld
- a world, in which I can build my on stuff (not only items, but also vehicles and houses, too).

In short, I want something in the scale of DDO or of SWTOR (not THAT big, perhaps ) - but as an OFFLINE game !

In short : I want to have that feeling of an accomplishment back !
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