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March 11th, 2013, 19:28
Originally Posted by Myrkrel View Post
The tricky thing here is the "too many cooks spoil the broth" aspect of crowdfunding. There are two divergent audiences clamoring for attention, the UO fans and the old-school Ultima fans.
I think this is a big issue right now. I think trying to be everything to everyone hurts him. I would feel better if he came out and said "if you never want to log in and never want another player to affect your game AT ALL, this may not be the game for you. But keep us in mind because I believe even you will like our game in the end" .

This quote from Richard says it all for me "My honest expectation before starting this campaign, was that while the game could be played offline for periods of time, I did not expect people to desire to "never connect"."

The game is multiplayer, maybe nothing like what is out there now and having story aspects like the old Ultimas, but it is multiplayer focused. That's fine, but just admit it.

I do understand the disappointment though. Yes in a perfect world people would see a new game by Richard Garriott and go in with a perfectly open mind saying "oh I wonder what this is. Hmm interesting, I will wait for more info before I make up my mind completely."

In reality, old school Ultima fans see a new game by Richard Garriott and say to themselves before they click the link "holy crap a new Ultima RPG from Richard Garriott. Sweet!" Happy dance. Click link. Multiplayer. "Awwww F@#k!"
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