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March 11th, 2013, 21:20
Maybe its my age, maybe it is the long days at work, who knows could be all the running around I do with my wife and children for sports etc. None of which I am complaining about at all.
Point is I don't want to play with others never mind strangers. I just want to go to some world on my laptop and have fun for an hour or two when I have the time. Solve some quest, kill a dragon or two…
This whole social online bullshit is for the birds. I am sure old schoold Ultima fans all feel the same way. Just give us a game we can lose ourselfs in for the brief moments in time that we get to play our games.
If Lord British thinks he is going to capture a new generation by adding this I think he is saddly mistaken…Though if he stuck to what made so many Ultima fans in the past he just might pick up some younger followers..
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