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March 12th, 2013, 01:13
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
You are right if you blatantly ignore all the info out there. I mean, it makes your argument but it is not correct. Everything they have said so far was that it would have a single player storyline like U4 to U7 timeline with the option to play cooperative in a persistent area.

I'm not sure why it is hard for you to understand.

Richard Garriott here:Let me address your question about solo and multiplayer play. The game has both! The game is absolutely story driven, similar to early Ultima's. We do not intend to force anyone to play "online". That being said, I believe many or most will find our interpretation of multiplayer to enhance their experience. When the game is played online, there is a global persistent world that ALL players are part of (no shards intended), all player shops with their vendors as well as homes and other permanent structures are seen by and visited by all players. In addition, you will see and interact with other players in real time. But, the people you will generally bump into will be connected preferentially based on if you already know them, or have some other reason we think you would enjoy playing with them.

I guess I'm different in that I am going by what the developer has said instead of making up what I want.
I am not making up what I want, RG statements continue to be clear/deceptive/contradictive but all strongly point to the fact that this game is multiplayer based. I don't have the time or patience to go through all his interviews and text as they all say the same thing to me.

You might want to ask yourself or maybe ask RG, how populated and interesting the world is going to be offline?

You like online multiplayer aspect is prefectly legitimate and acceptable, but this is NOT a single player focused game and I don't want that. The core is multiplayer no matter how many layers of paint you (RG) try to cover it with.
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