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March 12th, 2013, 10:52
It's not a developer trust issue for me.

I'm not sure DLC is a developer oriented thing at all. It's just the way the market has "evolved" - and that's almost certainly a publisher-only mindset.

So, when you support DLC in any shape or form - you're supporting the publisher mindset about how to sell content in the modern market.

I have no doubt that developers are doing fine work in many cases - but I don't like to buy my games in bits and pieces - and I certainly don't like having to wait 6-12 months to get the "complete" experience. Furthermore, I especially despise that I have to suspect the core game is not what it would have been without DLC. Finally, I absolutely HATE that I'm not getting meaty expansions anymore.

Well, there are rare exceptions that resemble expansions - like the TES DLC - but it's just that, the exceptions.




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