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March 12th, 2013, 13:16
Originally Posted by Gwendo View Post
I'm only interested in single player, but I'm not tempted to back an offline MMO hack and slash game, as it appears.
Well, the way garriott described the MP here, I could live with it:
Originally Posted by Richard Garriott
The game is a story driven game and the game we currently believe you’ll be able to play completely offline, meaning you never have to connect to the internet; you won’t be forced to connect to the internet. Now that’s our intention, we’ll see how big it gets and see if we actually need some server contact periodically just for patches and other things that require you to connect. The intention is that it really feels like something that is completely solo player and me as a player, I do a lot of playing offline just for practice and I’m often away from a connection, I’m very personally motivated to make sure that this remains true.
But in addition to it being a story driven game for you to proceed through, while you are online the game will automatically not only patch itself but the world is also persistent and can be impacted by other players. What I mean by that is if you go into cities and towns, and you can see this in the videos online, the cities and towns have a core infrastructure that we’ve created that make sure that if you’re playing solo you can go there to buy and sell things, the basic shops that are required to proceed, but in those cities and towns there are plenty of empty lots where you can buy and build a home or business and so as long as you’re online it will constantly update.
However I don't think we have much, if any, information regarding the kind of story they want to do, what the setting really is like (apart from "like Ultima, Fantasy, D'uh!), how well the "replayable adventure scenes" can work in the context of a story driven game (supposedly with choices and consequences) etc. So it still comes down to how much you trust RG to deliver a great story…

Edit: well I am still on the fence, but a first responder slot had just become availble so I provisionally pledged. Plenty of time to see how the campaign develops.
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