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March 12th, 2013, 21:09
Originally Posted by Bedwyr View Post
You're describing exactly what Unity's great strength is: portability. I wouldn't be fussed about it. Performance and engine won't be a problem. Art style is what it is. That they'll port the game later tells me the UI will be PC centric and *then* they'll do a mobile adaptation. Maybe creating a few software hooks for when it comes time, but that would likely be it.
Portability won't get you past the UI issues - which is the primary problem with tablet vs PC.

If you're going to make a turn-based RPG of any complexity - you're going to face the UI on tablets and that's a hard one. Because people are using their thick fingers to interact with the game - and that makes it a challenge to create an old-school experience with a lot of stats and tactical options - done with a touch-based interface.

Beyond that, tablets are seriously limited in terms of CPU and GPU power - which means the AI will have to be equally limited and you can't have a game where a lot of visual effects are going off. If you've played any of the so-called best turn-based games on tablets - you'd know how simplistic they ALL are.

Heck, look at the new X-Com and you'll see how even console hardware will severely limit complexity of a modern turn-based game. If it wasn't for consoles - you wouldn't have tiny levels with enemies popping out of nowhere - because they needed to hold back AI and the memory footprint.

Unfortunately, there are several limitations that you just can't circumvent.

I'm not saying it's impossible to pull of a meaty and complex RPG on a tablet - I'm just saying I've yet to see one.

Baldur's Gate would be the exception - but it's also an archaic PC game using 2D assets rather than a modern one using 3D technology.

If this Shadowrun game turns out to be at the Baldur's Gate level - then it might be great. But that remains to be seen. I'm just sceptical.

I dunno. That's been the 80's punk style Shadowrun had since the first PnP was published by FASA. It's a very "Total Recall-esque" world. Maybe the setting itself doesn't appeal to you.
I love the setting. I don't remember cartoonish looking characters with a glow around them when I played PnP.

Anyway, we'll see when the game comes out.




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