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March 13th, 2013, 00:39
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
Which engine are they using, it looks like game from 2002-2003 (yes i know it's not final). Is it fully open world or do you need to use that terrible overhead map to travel on (hate those in games, reminds me of crappy jRPG's). Big fan of Ultima 7 / 7 part II, Ultima Online was great too (at the time). It doesnt give a very serious impression when he easily could afford to do something like this without KS.. What's next, Disney or Microsoft doing a KS? lol..
Obsidian did one if you recall.

He is using Unity. It is placeholder graphics so far, as for funding he has generated his own funding and the million on kickstarter is more to gauge interest and allow people to get in on the development. It has a two tiered system for map travel which allows them to add to the overland map with out as much work as a single tier would work. He plans to have things added throughout the games life to the map, which looks pretty good I think.

As for ultima online I don't think any online game has developed or even come close to the economy and advancements it made even back then.
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