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March 13th, 2013, 09:30
It doesnt give a very serious impression when he easily could afford to do something like this without KS.. What's next, Disney or Microsoft doing a KS? lol..
Brian Fargo and Chris Roberts are also rich as fuck. Perhaps not as much as Garriott (though who knows ? Garriott it's has as wealthy as he used too since he used the majority of his personnal wealth to pay for that trpo in space). Yet I don't see anyone complaining about them doing Kickstarters instead of funding the game themselves.

Also it's not like the money in going to Garriott's pocket, it's going to Portalarium, which is a company he cofunded (meaning he put his own money in it) and a very small studio - much smaller than Obsidian (ie. They have about 12 people in Portalatium since they suffered from layoffs in December)

So basically, I see nothing wrong with him doing a Kickstarter : the point is to allow Portalarium to do a project they couldn't likely do any other way and self public - same as Wasteland 2 & al, really.

As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure Chris Roberts could have managed to find funding for Star Citizen much easier without KS than Portalarium.

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