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March 13th, 2013, 16:41
Skyrim is a good game.

But one of the best games ever? Absolutely not. Details? Sure.
It doesn't drag you in like Morrowind could. It is, however, definetly more interesting than Oblivion, in Oblivion sidequests/stories are so goddamned boring and annoying at one time you simply stop caring for those, solve the main story and uninstall it for good. Here, in Skyrim, sidestories are not stellar, but at least are not despicable like in Oblivion. A few are really good (example assassins), but others are utterly crappy (example bards).
The story is not really bad, but it's not a masterpiece either. If you just played Ego Draconis prior to it, or Gothic 2, or DA:O, or TW1/2, or any other game and there are tons of those with dragons in past few years, you won't respect that "dragonborn" stuff at all. Couldn't they invent some new monster?
Respawns are a plus to someone, to me it's a disgrace. Do you really need respawns in a game that should be the "one to rule them all"?
NPCs are not terrible. What's terrible is NPCs AI and lack of an option to move them away from some spot you don't want them to stand on. Dunno if this was ever added.
Mobs scaling is not as bad as in Oblivion, but can't say it's great either. If you started the game by improving noncombat skills, you'll have a hard time in fights as mobs you'll encounter will be too hard to deal with.
And finally, bugs, bugs, everywhere. We'll all agree that a game this big, can't be bug free when it's released. But not fixing at least 90% of those annoyances (I'm talking about things not related to someone's exotic hardware) year(s) after the game was released is a slap to all fans.

Skyrim was declared as GOTY by many sites. But to me, TW2 and DX:HR deserved GOTY more than it did. Still I can't complain, when any RPG gets GOTY recognition, I'm happy.
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