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March 14th, 2013, 09:57
Stuff like the above quote seems pretty darn condescending though, and hypocritical as well when it (technical aspects aside, but I dont think you or anyone else considers that the sole factor in determining the better RPG) boils down to a "for me" qualifier.

Going by the rest of the thread and past discussions I dont think I'm the only one to be rubbed the wrong way by this style either.;-)
People get rubbed the wrong way on this board and all other boards on a daily basis.

It basically boils down to whether you can accept the opinions of other people or not.

If you think it's about how I articulate my opinion - think again. It's because what I present is my ACTUAL opinion - and not a watered down sugar-coated half-hearted version of my opinion.

If you knew the ACTUAL opinion of other people here - you'd react the same way. Well, or maybe you'd soon realise that it's no problem that people have a very different opinion than you do. It's ok that they don't think much of YOUR opinion.

But in my world, opposing opinions are as natural as the sun coming up. It's nothing personal - and it's OK.

I have no issue with people calling my opinions a bunch of nonsense. The interesting thing is whether they can support their own opinions and argue their case. It might turn out that they're 100% correct.

I've had many, many idiotic opinions throughout life. The only way to realise that is if people are willing to point them out - rather than being wishy washy about it.




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