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March 15th, 2013, 00:21
what about:
- world exploration (where new places don't just "pop up" if the devs feel like it)
- meaningful NPCs (with more than just a local and a "global" quest per location
- NPC schedules
- love for detail
- single player that doesn't feel like it's "tacked on" late in the concept stage after it seemed opportune to

As for:
story - we don't know anything about it yet, I believe
living world - hard to see how that works in little chunks
worldwide effects - I can only see this working either for single player or for multiplayer, but not for both
choices - should affect less my character but more the world's reaction to my character
detailed world - I have seen no indication of detail in the world, and their dual-scale approach doesn't make a consistent level of detail any more likely
combat - no one I heard of ever played an Ultima for its great combat (except uu), so that should take second place to non-combat by leagues

Rune, I can see you feel strongly for this project, but don't feel that you need to defend its virtues quite so fervently. Aren't you bothered by any of the project's proposals?
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