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March 15th, 2013, 00:58
I find that people make up what they want instead of reading what a the debs said, which is what yo did in your rebuttal. I'm going off actual dev quotes not some random posters feeling in a thread. I don't blindly fight the good fight, but I do not believe in misinformation being the better basis for an argument.

The biggest argument I have read is people don't think he deserves or needs the support. Which monetarily he probably doesn't, but isn't like u are just giving him money t is more you are getting something for what you spend. I honestly think the major reason he did this kickstarter was to get fans involved and get the idea of his game out there.

Btw single player was always there from the start, as was multiplayer.

This is what the debs have said
@Chris (from Chris!) that is actually how it already works! Even in areas where you don't get encounters, you can search and zoom in to see what is there. A lot of interesting elements will just be scattered through the lands and require that kind of searching to find. Some will also be there at night, on certain days of the month, or during special events or if you have been instructed on what to look for by some one. Also, some special things will come and go.
This is a big part of why I believe that people will not feel like they losing the ability to explore. Even cooler though is there maybe times when you've been to a tile 99 times before to hunt rabbits for cooking only to find the 100th time it is a special scene!

That I consider facts, not some random poster who thinks its a copy of mount and blade.
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