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March 15th, 2013, 05:37
Originally Posted by Moorkh View Post
…Ultima has done so much for me in the past, and I'd have rushed to put down my money on a dedicated effort to look back at what made the series great and then build something new and interesting (or even old and interesting) onto that. I believe many more would do the same, many more than the 14k the project has now.

Why can't LB see that?"What does it mean to everyone else, I wonder?
I agree with all of that…
Even though I recently increased my pledge to $150 due to the added swag, I'm more excited for the boxed CE with cloth map and trinket than I am about the game. If SotA doesn't catch fire soon, the CE will likely be limited to 1000 or so units, which could make it a very collectable footnote to Ultima history. Even if the game sucks, I expect to see mint CEs on eBay in a couple of years selling for several hundred dollars. Most of the world's Lord British/Ultima fans have never heard of Kickstarter, and odds are the boxed game will never make it to retail, so many obsessed fans will miss out, and be looking to eBay to complete their collection. In short, I don't see anyone who buys the CE losing money on the deal.

While I can dream of an Ultima 7 party-based SP game, I would've settled for a spiritual successor to Ultima IV… complete with a massive world constructed with 2D tiles for that retro look. I think most Ultima fans would've been thrilled… most of us would double our pledge to see that. Ironically, that would also make the game an order of magnitude less expensive to create. Sadly, Richard doesn't understand what his fans want, or what made his early work so memorable.
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