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March 15th, 2013, 06:18
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
I am not sure its the graphics alone. I am confused by the single player, solo, offline, multiplayer and MMO keywords that are flying round and mentioned by the developers. Moreover, since I play single player rpgs mainly, I don't see how the multiplayer fits in and why should I play it anyway.

This is in addition to the fact that this is just a single episode and there are 5 more larger ones to come which puts me off a bit as I don't feel I am getting a full game. I don't mind expansion packs to an already huge game like Skyrim, but episodes .. not comfortable with them.

Another issue that bother me is the RG on the first day of the kickstarter mentioned in an interview that they had surveyed fans before the kickstarter about their prefernce and they preferred a single player rpg. But in his wisdom and far reaching sight said in that same interview that multiplayer is the way forward ignoring fans preference and that is how they designed that game originally. Now few days after the kickstarter he is saying that now they are listening to fans! and they made a single player only part in addition to the multiplayer. This immediatley tells me that they have not thought this through, they are only saying this to get money while the original concept is highly likely to remain, which is fine for people who like MMOs but not for me.
I have said this before that they have said right from the beginning that this is a single player offline game with a multiplayer mode. It has been on the kickstarter from the beginning and this time I will quote it below which comes from the FAQ towards the bottom of the kickstarter page.

The game can be played offline, no connection required. The character used for the offline version of the game will not be useable in the online version of the game for obvious exploit/hacking reasons. We are going to investigate ways to export your online character to the single player version of the game but the offline character will not be importable into the online version.
Also many of the rpgs have loved over the years have had multiplayer like the Baldur's Gate series and Arcanum and they were well liked so having multiplayer is not going to ruin a game and probably most games that were ruined by multiplayer would have been anyways.

It has been mentioned by a developer that each episode is the size of a full game (I can't find where that was stated right now but I think it was a video) so it would be no different to any of the other long running series like Ultima in that aspect.

PS. I think they should have made the Kickstarter clearer but also people need to stop assuming things especially when the information is already there to contradict the assumptions.
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