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March 15th, 2013, 05:46
Originally Posted by Vindicator View Post
While I can dream of an Ultima 7 party-based SP game, I would've settled for a spiritual successor to Ultima IV… complete with a massive world constructed with 2D tiles for that retro look. I think most Ultima fans would've been thrilled… most of us would double our pledge to see that. Ironically, that would also make the game an order of magnitude less expensive to create. Sadly, Richard doesn't understand what his fans want, or what made his early work so memorable.
Well, I'm a huge Garriott fan - Ultima IV is possibly my favorite RPG of all time, and there's no doubt I'd enjoy seeing him return to that old-school style (or a straight-up Ultima VII spiritual sequel). But I feel what made his early work special was how it pioneered new techniques in CRPG design. I really believe SotA will be a true "Lord British" game that carries on that pioneering spirit. Rehashing the same old ideas is not what he's about. I actually would prefer him do something innovative rather than remake another Ultima IV - VII.

I think if people approach SotA with a bit more open mind they might be pleasantly surprised.
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