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March 15th, 2013, 09:58
Their approach is fundamentally different from Bethesda's approach.

Bethesda wants to build a world bottom to top. NPCs shall farm food, food that shall be distributed around to feed the NPCs. Trade shall ensue etc

Causes and effects are linked in an obvious manner.

Food shortage happens due to bandits' activity. You give a septim to a beggar. He might use it to buy price inflated food (depending on his personality) You do not give a septim. The beggar might steal food. A guard (rules enforcer) might pass by and arrest the beggar. You might decide to sneak in in the jail to deliver him.

The reward is a highly credible world, easy to work with and opening heaps of possibilities.

Sui Generis'approach is different. The world shall generate events with no causes coming from the world and the NPCs will navigate through the combination of events.
The main problem will probably be to achieve balance in the generation of events in order to give credibility to the world.
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