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March 15th, 2013, 10:27
The last couple of episodes have been really good, in my opinion.

Funny thing with this show. Every time I decide I'm not going to continue watching - they up the quality significantly.

I love the focus on the characters and the human aspects - something which I find infinitely more interesting than constant CGI gore and silly action sequences. Those things have their place - but they'd be a million times more effective if they were used sparingly - and if the characters were ever in any real danger when fighting zombies.

I think it's really ridiculous how every single person is Rambo and never misses with a gun - and can kill zombies with a toothbrush in their sleep. It nullifies the tension.

Anyway, I hope the show will have more of what I've seen lately - but I guess we can't avoid a big showdown coming very soon.




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