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March 15th, 2013, 10:55
Well, no guys, it's not people just jumping to conclusions, it's because their pitch is very confusing. Contrary to what you claim, the first thing you read on the pitch (even now) ist
Multiplayer Online Game - which can also be played solo player / offline
So don't blame people assuming it's a multiplayer online game first and foremost. in fact there now are a lot of comments by disspointed UO fans, who realise it may be too little like UO for their liking. The pitch goes on explainging player housing, crafting, PvP, and re-playable scenes - all things we associate with MMORPGs more than with a single player experience. But not a thing about the SP story, combat system, skill system, the virtues, etc. etc.
Also the info that it would be fully playable offline came later, and it was more like (all quotes praraphraased by me) "that's not what we plan, everbody would want to be online, right?" -> "Ok, it should be possible, we are thinking about it but don't want to commit right now, there may be technical issues" -> "Good news, fully offline SP is in, we just need to separate online from offline characters".

There is also that bit in the RPS interview wher RG reacts to the question about NPC companions with "hey good idea, we haven't thought of that!". You haven't thought of NPC companions, seriously?

No, I'm in at the moment but only because that $25 slot opened up, I would currently not pitch in more, and I will evaluate at the end whether I stay in.
This was not a good and clear pitch, and while it's nice that they seem to be trying to listen to the fans, it als seems that due to this ambiguity and lack of a clear vision (or alternatively, inability to convey it) they are now nicely caught in the middle between fans of the classic Ultimas, and fans of UO.
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