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March 15th, 2013, 12:09
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Question. I just entered the auction house and I'm trying to list an item. When I choose the item, does the price of the item default to what the item last sold for? I haven't tested it to see if it does or not. I can't really tell. But when I tried to list a shield, the price defaulted to 2 gold, 70 silver. Not sure if that's just a placeholder or if it means that's the usual selling price for the item. Any ideas?

Edit - Oh wait, I think it defaults to the price that a vendor would give you for it. Hmm. Okay then, do some items sell for more on the auction house than what a vendor would give for them? Example. A vendor will give me 8 silver for 20 bronze ingots. Would 20 bronze ingots potentially sell for more if I list them for auction?
Yes, crafting materials invariably sell higher on the auction house. Especially commonly used items that require some grinding.

If you have the patience to play the auction house - it can be highly profitable to sell crafting stuff there.

As for how they estimate price - I'm not sure. Just check out what they're normally sold for by others - and don't undercut the prices too much, as you'll only ruin the market for yourself.




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