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March 15th, 2013, 13:56
Ever heard of Veronica Mars?

It's always among cult tv show lists, but for whatever reason, the show got cancelled without a proper ending in season 3.
IMO season 1 was awsome. But season 2 lost the charm, the case of Lilly Kane was solved in season 1 which ment removal of key characters with stellar performances, and nothing even comparable was introduced to series 2. It wasn't a bad season, but not a masterpiece either. The same goes for season 3.
Still there were fans out there and I fail to understand why (probably only in) USA they cancel series without giving them at least a chance for a final closing episode.

Thanks to kickstarter, the series should now finally get a proper ending:
The goal of $2M was reached in only 11 hours.

One thing if you planned to "join the club" of pledgers, quote from KS page:
"Kickstarter campaign and rewards fulfillment limited to U.S."

Anyways… I've watched the show fully when was available here and I suggest you to watch season 1 of Veronica Mars if you can. You don't have to continue on 2&3 though, but since there will be a closing movie of those, hell, why not.

God bless Kickstarter. I thought there is no way to see more of Firefly. Or Jack of all trades. Or Adventures of Brisco County junior.
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