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March 15th, 2013, 15:06
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Yes, but crocs never get much more than ankle deep!!
Depends on how long you stay among them. First they take the ankles, then the they take the knees. Then the thighs. Finally you're up (or rather down) to your neck, although you probably won't notice.

pibbur who actually is not impressed by Skippy. He or she (didn't bother to look it up), like Lassie and that noisy dolphin, only appears to be intelligent and cunning because she (eventually he did bother) is surrounded by morons. Like when her family sit around their BBQ, and she comes running and starts being obnoxious, tearing at them, yelling at them, and they wonder if she wants to play (or something like that), but really after 40 episodes or so, they should have learned (like the viewers) that when she acts like that it's because somewhere somone is stuck under a tractor or a car or a sleeping crocodile and urgently needs to get up to pee or sometnhing like that. As I said: morons.
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1. The cat is alive! And pissed!!!
2. It's been 82 years. The cat is dead, and the stench is unbearable!!!
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