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March 15th, 2013, 17:15
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Speaking of comedy, I assume everyone here has seen Black Adder 2-4?

If not - do so.
Talking about "black", I recommend "Black books", about the very misantropic bookshop owner not wannabe. With Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey in leading roles. I find it VEEEERY funny.

Other than that I've spent a lot of time training on my ergometer bike and watching Dr. Who (the revived serieses, will try to get the older ones as well) and Torchwood. Saw the 3rd series of the latter this week, which, while still interesting and entertaining, didn't live up to the first 2 series. Also have season 4, but I have my doubts. From what I've read about it there and here the setting seems … overly constructed.

I'm watching Breaking bad with a friend of mine. A good show but increasingly disturbing as the main character develops from someone I could sympathise with to … something completely different.

BTW, lots of interesting and useful (I think) stuff in Joxer's list (sounds like a title of a TV series actually)

I usually watch shows like these on DVD or blu-ray. I seldom have the time or the patience or the flexibility to follow them on TV.

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