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March 15th, 2013, 17:37
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thx for the link. Still, it seems a bit improvised. In the RPG interview, allegedly, RG said something like "if you're a craftsman, and you want to pass to another area and you have to go through a dungeon to get there, you'll want to have an escort" to which the interviewer asked if there will be NPC escorts, and RG allegedely said "well, that's a good idea. I haven't thought of that". Facepalm-y stuff.
An interesting aspect of Kickstarter is that it invites the player base to directly interact with the developers during development without any encumbrances from publishers.

The obvious good side to this is that it's possible for some really great ideas to be implemented into a game. The obvious bad side to this is if the developers allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the feedback and cause them to stray from their original vision and goals for the game.

But another downside that I've noticed lately is that kickstarter backers sometimes tend to fail to fully appreciate their role as backers. That they are, to a certain degree, participating in a game's development and are therefore being provided some access to the 'brainstorming' that goes on behind the scenes - the good, bad, obvious, obtuse, and brilliant.

One area that I see being criticized again and again is the in-game artwork despite that it has been stated over and over again it's all preliminary stuff so that other gameplay mechanics can be tested and sometimes showcased.

The ideas and the demos are pre-alpha and normally the player base wouldn't even see this stuff, at least not during development, if ever.

Shroud of the Avatar continues to have a handful of gameplay mechanics currently being discussed that I find interesting but at the same time there are a handful of gameplay mechanics that I'm not so interested in. But I decided to back this game and will play along and give my opinion about things to the developer.

Crowdfunding is still a very new concept so time will only tell just how well developers walk the line of adjusting course based on sound backer feedback while keeping true to visions and goals for their game.
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