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March 15th, 2013, 18:38
Re: quote:-

I lecture on “Interactive Storytelling” … that's exactly what I've done at PB. In general, it is important to me that the game reacts on the actions of the player. This leads to liveliness.
Yes, but Mattias, it is gaming's most "pure and unrealised" conceptual state when the gamer has no idea, does not know or cannot see the consequences for their actions, words, or deeds until later in the game or until fruition. I even agree that they must not be aware of weather they are morally justified within their own personal alignment rather than the player character 's alignment, you could argue that this point is exactly reflective of the gamer via the (NH) player character as a medium, yet it has been proven over time that they are not the same but could be if greater effort was made to somehow convey this to the gamer? - once the gamer becomes aware of it they can try applying methodology solutions until the desired goal is found - or should a 'consequence-outcome' remain completely isolated from the gamer's suspicion or awareness?

Following this line of thought as a total purist who did manage to find chromanin, then it can only have been due to my own personal alignment at that time all those years ago and therefore must agree that G1's chromanin is totally right in it's 'player-to-character' principle and not as it may appear to some "a failure".

Yes" This leads to liveliness" but 'checkmate' is much better than 'stalemate' and this has resulted in my grey beard being longer than all the PB's put together !!!

Yours with the greatest respect, eternal wanderer, chromanin seeker overseer, G1's most hardcore dedicated gamer with 81 play throughs completed without success.

could he, should he, will he ever, play G1 again?
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