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March 15th, 2013, 21:37
Picked it up yesterday and having fun. Congrats on getting it released QL. Looks like you released it on Feb 12th?

Over 5000k dloads according to Google Play so congrats on that. Is there anywhere others can dload it directly so you don't have to pay royalties to the stores?

I would love to get that kind of Font quality. I know you used third party tools so it would probably be a lot harder for me.

My biggest problem is I keep trying to play my game by not using the buttons. I kept trying to strafe like Toff did - I didn't want to but felt I had to add it to my own app - but found I got used to turn and move pretty quick. It makes for some interesting tactics in turn based as your timing needs to be critical.

I liked the outdoor exploration - gives it a Bard's Tale 3 or Wiz 7 feel. The maps are really good - easy to look at. There's quite a variety of textures in the screen and you've given me some thought about my own. I especially like the translucent animated torches. Those low rez textures made it a compact download that's for sure. Mine is already 100mb and yours is finished.

I hope I can find a compass soon otherwise I'll have to use my head compass. Anyway you can add saving without the need to drop to the menu? Can you add the HTML help offline as well. Some of the controls weren't intuitive (like talking to an NPC) but I know it would have been easier if I loaded up the help. I don't like connecting my devices to the Nets if I can help it.

Toff is wrong about the swiping. Hand my app to any person on the street and they immediately start swiping instead of tapping which it explicitly tells them to do. I have to add that feature because that's what the customer is already trained to do. You have some out because of your Heads Up Display. I give them the full screen with some tiny arrows on the side hoping they'll figure it out .

Oh, I've had two crashes so far that lock the screen.

Great job. Look forward to getting more into it on my trip.
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