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March 15th, 2013, 23:56
The quote I quoted above about the game being able to be played single player offline and not being able to play that character in multiplayer (which most games that have a multiplayer mode do) was there from the beginning of the Kickstarter so I don't know why they said there were difficulties and that they hadn't decided on it yet since it was already there.

Roq: They already said that it isn't going to be an mmo and that rather you just play with a few people directly. It sounds like what they may be doing is having it so that when you connect to other worlds that it updates to include the changes made to it so you will have other peoples houses and shops in your world along with being able to play with other people.

PS. Player housing originated before mmorpgs existed and it was taken from single player games and also many single player rpgs have crafting so none of that is really saying it is an mmorpgs.

PPS. I wish they would just stop the Kickstarter and fix all of the problems before restarting since they are never going to get to what they could potentially get with how it is now.
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