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March 16th, 2013, 00:22
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
PPS. I wish they would just stop the Kickstarter and fix all of the problems before restarting since they are never going to get to what they could potentially get with how it is now.
Yeah they seem to be reconsidering the bullet-point high-level description of their project as people react to it in ways it does not look like they had anticipated. While that is good, it also seems like they're presenting this in an odd way by acting as though it was their plan from the start but they just didn't explain it clearly enough. That is as opposed to how Harebrained Schemes made changes in response to criticism by not only clarifying stretch goals and design points but explaining that they were in-fact changing things in response to their backers and in some cases apologizing for not anticipating certain reactions.

The problem with this approach is not that it is nescessarily as disingenous as I may be making it sound - some of this is very likely just miscommunication regarding a nebulous and tentative set of priorities one would have at this very early stage. The issue is that there is a lack of clarity on which interpretation of priorities, features, etc. a potential backer should go with. As the descriptions seem slightly inconsistent from interview to interview - which is probably just because they are adapting them based on feedback - I can see how someone who had not followed each update and newsbit as they were released in order could easily find the answers and descriptions contradictory and confusing. Heck even if you did follow them, the fact that the wording in the kickstarter description does not change to provide clarity might still be cause for confusion over which interpretation was correct.

They probably don't need to start over though if they updated and clarified the description noting which changes were made and super-ceded previous items. They would probably also benefit greatly from opening an unlimited $25 tier as they are progressively pricing themselves much farther from other projects which either seemed like more substantial installments (instead of being one of many chapters) or where there was greater clarity of vision and far less confusion about priorities.

Also their lowest donation tier is.. an odd choice compared to other projects. While many projects will include a token small donation with their thanks - and perhaps community access - the $10 option they provide comes across as somewhat snarky. Instead of having an option to get the game at somewhere around $20 dollars or failing that to chip in what you can for an implied "thank you", they provide the option to either pay $30+ to get the game or chip in less to make up for all those games you stole. Its certainly not their intent, but it comes across as though they view much of the fans of their previous games as thieves responsible for them needing to ask for money on kick-starter in the first place. Again, I would suspect they probably didn't intend to come across that dickish but I can really see how that odd choice of a token lowest tier might come across as a that or worse.
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