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March 16th, 2013, 00:39
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Explain to me why a project which has nearly reached it's goal would even be thinking of starting over?

And seriously if the 10 dollar one sounded snarky, you guys need to get out more it was funny and you could tell it was a joke.
Yeah I don't think they should start over - just that they could probably benefit from a major edit of their main page and a big bullet point clarification update because clearly people are still confused about some things. I also think they need cheaper tiers since the increasingly expensive lowest available tier that gets you the game does not seem to be selling all that well and is more expensive than other projects in similar categories. Looking at how they structured the limited-quantity and increasingly expensive low end tiers it seems that they planned on selling through them much faster and counted on that for reaching their goal. At this point though, that structure is likely choking the influx of potential backers rather than making them more money as they might have hoped.

As for the snarky $10 tier - yes it is a joke but it's not a particularly funny one and its in poor taste when you're asking for donations. A self-depricating joke might work, but this is more the opposite of that. Consider the token lowest tier for many other kickstarters (those that have them) is usually something like "Pledge 5$ - Receive a heartfelt thanks, we appreciate your support" acknowledging and thanking those who maybe can't swing much more than that but still want to help. It probably would come across better if the next highest tier wasn't relatively high compared to other game projects and if maybe it was bookended by a lower "thanks for chipping in what you can" tier.

Don't get me wrong, they'll meet their goal and then some by the end of the project. I would guess probably about 1.5 million if they don't offer pricing that compares less unfavorably with currently better performing projects like Torment and doesn't ratchet up the price in expectation of an overwhelming initial response their pitch unfortunately did not generate.

Now given his personal wealth its possible that he doesn't really care about quintupling his goal but rather wanted this to act as a debut announcement and early pre-order system. He might actually have more interest in the publicity the kickstarter helps him generate than the revenue (a good idea if fully capitalized on and well executed). Still, multi-million dollar goal smashing projects seem to generate more and better press. Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success right?
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