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March 16th, 2013, 01:42
True, I do think they should offer more cheaper versions.

However, I think it is hard to look at all the other successful games and say they aren't doing as good, since most games, except for a few don't make multiple millions. The majority ask for a lot less.

Dead state for instance I believe made 300k total. And if you look at the trend of other kickstarters the second kickstarter by a company always does better then their original.

I also wonder if more of the people doing kickstarter remember some of these other companies a bit more. Torment for instance, was a lot more recent then ultima. As for shadowrun, also a lot more recent.

They also have looked to update the main page a bit, for instance they now mention tracey Hickman on the front page. Also, multiplayer isn't the first blurb on their list of ideas it was actually the last. Interactivity I think was first.

I wish they could get some more info from the outsources put into a better FAQ because the more they answer the more interesting it becomes.
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