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March 16th, 2013, 11:21
Am I the only one having trouble imagining content that works both for single player and massively multiplayer? Dozens of respawning identical monsters walking in circles waiting to be farmed, bosses to kill again and again and again…

How will playing single player be different than playing WoW solo? No access to whatever requires a group, NPCs that stay at the exact same location all the time and only have one or two things to say, extremely linear…

I really hope he addresses apparent incompatibilities between single and multi-player. It could get me on board but right now I just can't imagine it.

Of course a good writer is a big plus but if he is crippled by the MMO constraints there's only so much he can do IMHO.

And if it is an MMO that can be played solo (online or offline) why not just say it? There are plenty of UO fans out there but with this pitch I am getting the impression he is turning them off as well.

Also, time to talk about quest design and leave the houses and offline mode alone already. I personally could go for an MMO if it offers a different take on the concept, which RG says it will, but in all the videos / updates I've seen I haven't learned much about how it'll be different (he even says he loves and studies the WoW levelling in the last one).

Still very confusing.
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