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March 16th, 2013, 14:27
Pibbur likes giving things names, and puts some effort into it. He calls himself "pibbur" after part of a name given to him by the Norwegian postal services. He also gives names to devices connected to his network (which btw is "known space").
  • Guernica is his main desktop computer and has a fine art desktop theme.
  • His other desktop computer is "Liar" after the space ship "Lying bastard" from Larry Niven's ringworld books (part of his known space series). Sci-fi theme for that one.
  • His laptop is called "Igor" and has a horror and music theme,
  • Hal is the NAS thingy.
  • PC65665is his work laptop, named after the way his employer insists on naming computers. Pibbur is not particularly happy about that. PC10000000010000001would be acceptable, but you know, computer people -not very familiar with binary.
  • He called his oldest daughter "Kristin" after the wife refused the name "Ane Mia" which is a perfectly legal Norwegian name. She sometimes connects to the network.
  • Same with his youngest, "Marit"

His latest achievement is the iPhone for which he chose the name "Anhima" after the bird Anhima cornuta aka the Horned Screamer. The name is fitting, especially since he's chosen "Carful with that Axe, Eugene" as the ringtone.

Then there is the iPad. Pibbur is a linux and windows guy, so an apple computer is very alien for him. He therefore got its name from the domain of living things most different from the domain he belongs to, the Archaea (the other two domains are the bacteriae and the Eucaryotes). The archaea are distinctly different from the other two. Among the archaea is the Haloquadratum genus, and this is why he chose the name "Haloquadra" for the pad. Now, "padde" is the Norwegian word for "toad", but selecting a name based on that, would be too obvious, and would definitely earn him -10 points on QI.

Pibbur who calls the wife "Berit", mostly because she tends to answer to that name. When he wants to talk to her.
d++a62e++TU4567'!S'!89!A!WM!LuC++++u+++uF+++nR——nS ++++wC—-o++++wS——uLB++++

1. The cat is alive! And pissed!!!
2. It's been 82 years. The cat is dead, and the stench is unbearable!!!
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