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March 16th, 2013, 20:11
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Um, he did invest in this project, Portalarium are the developers.

Secondly, for the MMO bits a lot of you are talking about the way WoW and other MMO's did it. Ultima Online was different in that things changed all the time with the game since players drove a lot of the content.

They plan on releasing some single player stuff today.
I'm still keeping an eye out and yes, I am more familiar with WoW than UO (which I only played briefly) but how does player driven content make NPCs evolve or make changes to a world in a way that rivals what a single player game can do? Did such changes in UO go beyond real estate and crafting? My concern isn't that the game will be terrible but that there is a LOT of potential lost just for the sake of making a hybrid.

Like Roq said, moral choices or story progression are vey much hindered by NPCs stuck in a given place for example. And the possible consequences of choices are very limited as well - it cannot have a visible effect that players that haven't reached that stage would see without having caused it themselves.

Unless the MMO and single player games have completely different story archs (essentially making them different games) I don't see how the game can overall be pushed beyond a certain limit.

Story instances could work to a certain extent but it would still be very limited. Guild Wars is an MMO and isn't ashamed of being that.

The single player also affects the MMO part at least by driving players away from the multiplayer game. Too few players kill MMOs. So even the UO fans are affected by this.

To boost this campaign I thing RG needs to address how he intends to work around these issues, or start over with a pure UO or UX pitch (at this stage though, ouch).
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