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March 16th, 2013, 21:52
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
I think he agrees with you, all your questions answered.

A much better update. And starting to give some idea of how things are intended to work. They still need to clarify how the story progresses, I notice that in certain circumstances you get funneled back into solo (SPO) mode, no doubt for story progression reasons. But, how is that going to work if you are grouped up?

OPO or full MMO mode appears similar to Elder Scrolls online's mega server. i.e. they restrict the people you see in the game according to some criteria of suitability. How these ideas will work out in practice isn't clear.

I don't think they really need the single player offline mode: Is that just to pacify pledgers who object to any form of DRM? Why didn't they just say they were making an MMO, instead of all that stuff about "ultimate RPGs"? Then noone would have asked for offline mode in the first place.

So they are making an MMO, but on what appears to be a very low budget of < 10m, when most of the AAA competition are in the >50m category, I reckon. That is presumably the reason for the episodic approach.

Plus I'm still not happy with how player housing / shops has been described, just seems really odd to have a feature restricted to a tiny proportion of the population.
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