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March 16th, 2013, 22:22
Temporarily forcing into SPO does seem to open up a few possibilities like having an NPC show up that others shouldn't see. Or perhaps cutscenes (the advantage being primarily that while you are watching it you aren't a sitting duck). But it switches off at some point and then you're back in the world that is the same for everyone, regardless of their advancement in the game.

Take for example that castle he said could be overtaken by shooting an arrow at a part of the gate. Is taking that castle a quest? If it is, then it is taken and that is done with. If you didn't take part in the siege then you never can, unless the enemy continually takes it back. Or if there are opposing factions you can join (Alliance / Horde) and you can always either be on one side or the other. That would make it a battleground and wouldn't be all that innovative.

Maybe the guy turned me off with all the talk about his revolutionizing. I find myself much more critical than usual. But unless I missed something I don't really see how this update answers my questions.

I don't think they really need the single player offline mode: Is that just to pacify pledgers who object to any form of DRM?
It was kind of shoehorned in due to backer feedback. Which kind of suggests it wasn't thought through too much.

One of the commentators echoed one of my concerns about how the single player and intermediate connection modes could affect the MMO experience:

So OPO is going to be empty and everyone will be playing SPO or FPO.
The words that come to mind are still "mutually crippling".


In the end they are not calling it an MMO because it really isn't want they were aiming for. And really with this update we don't need to try and pigeon hole it into one.
True, even the OPO, highest level of connectivity, filters quite a bit. But the problem is that while they're doing rather well at saying what they're not aiming at, I'm really having trouble picturing what it is they are after. And quite a bit of what I do see (perhaps wrongly) seems flawed.
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