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March 16th, 2013, 22:36
I am not sure what is required then, SPO is basically the mode they envisioned everyone to want to play, because things happen that will effect your world at that point as well.

I'm at a loss as to what you see crippling. You seem to be looking it as still an MMO with some extra features only where there are two sides etc.

I am looking at it as a single player world with the ability to have basically as much interaction as you want. He has said many times even since the start of the project that he wants to bring social back into the game, and not social as in zynga but social as in DnD sitting at a table social.

The major problems with MMO's after Ultima online is they went to the theme park version where everyone rides the same ride. Unfortunately when anyone here's mmo they think that right away.

As an aside I also think SPO was the lowest level they thought of that players would want to play. Thinking, rightly or wrongly, that players would want world wide events effecting their game with updates to different things. Where as if you play single player offline you just aren't going to have the ability to happen, due to not getting the updates etc that being online allows you. Now, that brings in a question will they patch in major events so even the single player games will see some of these events?
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