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March 16th, 2013, 22:14
I'm at a loss as to what you see crippling. You seem to be looking it as still an MMO with some extra features only where there are two sides etc.
Some people in the comment section (like the one I quoted) are clearly expecting an MMO experience. Having a large part of the player base opting out of it is a concern for the MMO crowd. I've read some UO fans write that they were withdrawing their pledge because it wasn't MMO enough.

And the single player seems crippled to me because the content will have to fit MMO restrictions. Say you've killed a bandit that ambushes a road. You connect with people that haven't killed him. In a single player game he should rightfully still be dead. But you're likely to see him again because your friend is meant to see him.

To avoid that, countless situations like this one will need to be avoided so that SPO,FPO,OPO can work. And if they are avoided in these, they aren't there in SPOff either. So this cripples SPOff by reducing the number of possible situations that can be used as content. Or, they will have to choose to accept that people that have killed a unique foe will have to see him again.

I honestly don't remember how that worked in UO (limited play, long time ago). Were there respawning enemies? Were players the enemies with a price on their heads? (Note that this option doesn't work either for SPO and FPO)

I am looking at it as a single player world with the ability to have basically as much interaction as you want.
Except that inevitably some people you interact with will, at a given time and place, need to see things that you don't and vice-versa because they haven't done the same things you have. Unless the content is specifically tailored to avoid those situations (I have trouble imagining how), which would cripple the offline game as stated above (making all sorts of situations off limits to the writers and designers).

I must log off now but will check in again tomorrow. If there is something I'm missing, I'm all for reading it
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