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March 16th, 2013, 22:28
Originally Posted by Charles-cgr View Post

And the single player seems crippled to me because the content will have to fit MMO restrictions. Say you've killed a bandit that ambushes a road. You connect with people that haven't killed him. In a single player game he should rightfully still be dead. But you're likely to see him again because your friend is meant to see him.
I think for the parts where you are meant to see him, that will push people into a single player online, not saying seeing a bandit on a road unless it is a major plotline would do that.

What I think they will do is have some areas which can either be played solo or mp, like large battles etc that will be replayable. These areas will be pushing the joining up with friends, whereas the highly personal areas will not. It is an interesting system that I hope they can pull off.

I could see for instance running into a band of gypsies with a group and some story actions playing out, which probably wouldn't be very different then if you played it single player.
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