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March 17th, 2013, 01:44
Good to see somebody else playing X3:TC! Go feed that HUB!

I've been trying to play Anochronox but it's been off and on. The initial setting was really neat with people walking around on ceilings and walls and the combat has been pretty interesting. However, the combat has also been pretty rare and now I'm getting dropped into big, white areas with few fights. Most of the quests haven't really been all that fun. Go talk to this person, who says to go talk to that person…zzzz. Of course, the graphics are turn-of-the-century so you sometimes feel like you're talking with a pile of rocks that has a face painted on the top rock.

The game is fairly funny. A lot of the humor falls flat but there's been enough snickers to make it worth the eye-rolls. (The Meatels got me doing both at the same time.)
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