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March 17th, 2013, 16:02
I'm not crazy about buying my advancement with the store either, but I did purchase another virtue slot, because IMO, 2 virtue slots are not enough. I have like 5 virtues already at level 18 and I want to actually use some of them.

I also purchased 5 more auction house slots because I'm in love with the auction house. Great way to make money (and spend it too).

I can't believe I'm actually grinding in this game. I usually don't like grinding, but doing it in this game is actually fun and rewarding, with the various deeds and loot drops. I actually enjoy farming lesser mobs just to work on my crafting skills a bit more.

I will check out that mouse. Looks perfect for a game like LOTRO. How do you know which of the 12 buttons to press though? It seems like it could be confusing or hard to use. You press them with your thumb? How do you know you're pressing the 5 and not the 8? Lol. I will read some more reviews and check it out, thanks.
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