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March 17th, 2013, 16:31
I only use the first two rows (3x2 for 6 total) with my thumb in combat because it gets a bit confusing. With my left hand I use shift and ctrl to switch bars, so i have 18 actions for combat and group the buttons by type on 1 to 6 for each bar. So my core attacks are on the normal bar. When i get the shield block audible i hold shift to access my block chain on the shift bar. My parry audible then has me hold ctrl for that chain, again on 1-6. So the 1-6 buttons are all overloaded and its pretty easy to adapt to. My mouse wheel click is mapped to my race morale restore skill (aka panic button!) and auto run on one of the top buttons, which are too clumsy for combat access.

My brother showed me his Naga yesterday and he is using the stick on bumps that come with the mouse as a feel guide for his "core" button row. I thought that was brilliant.
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